HOW TO: Make an animation in 15 mins with Videoscribe

I hope you enjoy this ‘how to’ guide for making a simple but effective whiteboard animation using Videoscribe. I made a slight mistake in the recording saying I think it has a 30 day trial, whereas it’s actually 7 days – sorry about that! If you want to sign up and try it out please consider using the affiliate links on this page (just click the banner below) as I will get credited for the introduction and earn a small commission if you decide to go premium… which might help pay the server costs of running this website!

Thanks a lot :)

… and here is the animation we made during the tutorial:

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Affiliate links: if you click the links on this page I will get credited with your visit to the host site and if you eventually sign up for a paid account I will receive a small monetary credit for the lead. These affiliate link schemes help me pay the costs of running this website. My decision to recommend this service has in no way been influenced by this scheme. If you prefer not to have me credited in this way then you can just search for the website yourself and follow a non-affiliated link to get there. 


  1. Thanks, really enjoyed the video. VideoScribe looks easy enough that even someone like me without any artistic talent could use it.

    My challenge is the pricing model. If I’m buying something on subscription then this is a thing that I’ll use again and again. Would I create videos like this several times a month? If I did; would they loose their value/impact?

    I’m activity thinking whether I should and whether I could create a video series for one of my blogs after discovering this. That can only bode well for VideoScribe!

  2. Colin Tanner says:

    Hi Kate,

    I started using Sparkol about a year ago and I loved user friendly format so much that I started my own small business making promotional ‘Scribe Videos’ for other small business’s at a reasonable price.

    Here is one I have just completed.

    You can see all of my work here &

    Thanks for the video review of this great product, it was very informative.


  3. I didn’t realise something like this was available until you mentioned it. Thanks for letting me know Kate! I used it to create a promo for a football podcast I’m involved in.
    It didn’t take me too long at all and it got us some attention. It’s here in case anyone is wondering whether videoscribe is worth using and I’m not technical!

    I probably spent 2 hours making mistakes and getting to know the tool, and then another 2-3 hours to put it together.

  4. jonthebook says:

    How would you integrate with Prezi. Would it be a case of uploading to youtube then embedding the video?

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