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LIFE HACK: Keep ahead of floods with GaugeMap

By 2050, researchers expect flooding costs in Europe to reach nearly $30 billion annually, and we can certainly expect it to continue to be a problem for much of the U.K. GaugeMap ...
one tab


There are so many amazing things to see online, but if you open up too many pages in your browser you can slow your computer down to a crawl, especially if it’s getting a bit old ...


Life can be stressful but watching a fish tank can be a real stress reliever. You don’t even need your own tank thanks to This virtual aquarium lets visitors queue ...
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A good tool for managing your twitter and instagram accounts is Justunfollow. It lets you see things like who has followed and unfollowed you recently, and which accounts are inactive ...
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LIFE HACK: wake-up calls with Wakie app

If you have trouble waking up in the morning check out the latest social innovation for your smartphone; Wakie. This free app  for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 lets you sign ...